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Interview with Jean-Maurice Roy, operational manager of the company TTCI: approach the Vietnamese market.

Published in the review of the French International Trade Advisors.

What is the current status of the Vietnamese “dragon” ?

Over the past 25 years, Vietnam has emerged as one of the most successful economy in Asia. The economy has grown an average of 5.3% annually since 1986, the highest in Asia, excluding China.

The country has benefited from major restructuring efforts, the transition from an economy based on agriculture to industry and services and a dynamic demography. The country joined the WTO in 2007.
Vietnam now faces many challenges because of both the international context and competitiveness problems. However, we remain optimistic. The Information Technology industry has become an essential tool in the process of restructuring of the economy and the government wants to make the country a recognized player in the field. There are many opportunities for French companies well prepared.

Present in Vietnam since 1989, TTCI leaders are pioneers in the industry of information technology: the first digital telephone exchange, the first GSM network, one of the first plants of electronic maps and a leading offshore software development centers.
TTCI complete the institutional agencies and is involved operationally on projects in the areas of New Technologies, Telecommunications and Media in Vietnam. We make available a wide range of business services tailored to our Client needs, market analysis, strategy development and industrial and commercial support by a team of local consultants trilingual (English, French, Vietnamese).
We are therefore complementary Ubifrance, which is the entry point for French companies.

What advice to French companies?
It is essential to understand the history and culture of Vietnam. 1000 years of Chinese domination, colonization and the struggle for independence had a profound impact on local culture.
Vietnam is both a centralized country and the land of consensus:
• Centralized as the three pillars of Vietnam are still present Confucianism, the Communist Party and the worship of ancestors, three hierarchical pyramids.
• A land of consensus because it is not enough to convince the top of the hierarchy. You should also convince the group, including operational teams.
In addition, one fact is clear: the absolute necessity to take into account the time factor. We must try to understand what the customer want and not make the mistake of forcing their hand. A foreigner is naturally synonymous with wealth but must prove by his work and what value it brings  … in Vietnam.
In conclusion, Vietnam is patience, prudence and perseverance. With their 20 years of experience in Vietnam, leaders TTCI has developed strong relationships with key actors and share this knowledge for the benefit of their clients.

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